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Tugu Pahlawan In surabaya

Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya
City of Heroes
Surabaya earned the nickname as the City of Heroes. This is because the battle in this city on 10 November 1945 in which the fighters down the Dutch flag and kill the leader of the Dutch who named General Mallaby. This battle became part of history from the founding of the Indonesian nation.

Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya
Nail-shaped monument of heroes upside down, which is under monument diameter larger than the diameter of the above. This monument has a high 41.15 meters or 45 yards and a diameter of 3.1 meters, which is getting to the top, the smaller diameter. In addition to the monument of heroes, in this area there are statues and other buildings that depict the struggle of the Indonesian people, especially to commemorate the Battle of Surabaya on November 10, 1945.
On one hand, there is a statue of former president Ir. Soekarno and his deputy Drs. Mohammad Hatta while reading the proclamation of independence among the tall pillars that resemble the ruins of a building. On the pillars there are also writings that resembles a pep independence graffiti-graffiti. Unique shape of the pillars are a favorite place to take pictures.

Museum November 10
Museum 10 NopemberUntuk save historic objects related to the struggle of the people of Surabaya, in this area was made a museum that was built later. The museum opened in 2000 and known as the Museum 10 November. Building the museum looks interesting because it resembles the small pyramids. At the center of this pyramid there is a statue depicting three young men with guns bamboo spears to fight against invaders.
In the museum there is a diorama of a battle in Surabaya, and recording folk speech Bung Tomo who successfully evoke the spirit of struggle of the people of Surabaya. Another collection is the variety of Bung Tomo relics, maps and weapons used during the war against the Dutch and their allies. You also can better know how the picture of the battle is going on with watching a documentary that tells the battle 10 November 1945.

Tugu Pahlawan
Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya is located in the city center, exactly in the middle between Jl.Pahlawan, Jl. Lathe, Jl. Tembaan, and Jl. Kebon Rojo. Exactly in front of the East Java governor's office. Located conveniently for the reason this place is often visited. Various plants and flowers that exist in this area the main attraction for the people of Surabaya who want a moment to rest or spend the morning and evening to just sit around and see buildings that remind the struggle of the people of Surabaya.
The visitors are free to enter this area of Tugu Pahlawan. Entrance fee is only charged when going into the Museum 10 November. Made time to visit the Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya help you familiarize yourself with some of the history of the Indonesian nation.

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